Sunday, July 27, 2008

C-pitfalls in which I have fallen.. Spot the Bug part I

I have been writing C/C++ code for my work for over 4 years now. Yet I tend to do simple mistakes. How is that possible? Well, because C is full of pitfalls...

I will post some buggy codes here, as warning examples. I will not tell what the bugs are - yet. I will reveal that later in this blog, so you can try finding the problems yourself :) And naturally solutions can be posted in comments.

So mistake 1. It was a simple bit masking in C.

I had an unsigned int coming in a function, and I wanted to replace certain bytes from it. So I decided that I'll write a function, which gets the original unsigned int, indication about which bytes should be changed, and what those bytes should be changed to.

For example:
0xXXXXXXXX original value
0x00FF0000 bits to change
0x00AB0000 What to change the bits.
Result: 0xXXABXXXX

unsigned int changebytes(unsigned int const &real, unsigned int const &changedbits, unsigned int &changeto)

unsigned int tmp,tmp2;
/*get the bits which are not changed
(bit's value will be inverted when
XORed with bit 1)*/

tmp=(changedbits^(unsigned int)0x11111111);
/*null the bits which will be changed.
(AND will set result to zero, if one of the bits
'anded' is zero).*/

tmp2=(real & tmp);
/*add changeto bits in the tmp
(OR will 'sum' the bytes).*/

return (tmp2 | changeto);

Well, this actually introduces (at least) 2 bugs.

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