Saturday, July 26, 2008

A day with kiddos...


I was having a day together with kids.

I decided I'll try to write some code for the CWF today. After all, I have a bugtracker full of bugs and feature requests there, and I had neglected CWF for far too long. I know I have all the excuses in the world to not spend time developing CWF (studies, work, kids, ...), but even if those reasons were good enough for others to forgive me my absence, they are not good enough for me to accept unfinished task. So after spending some hours with kids at the yard, I put them to have their daily naps...

I took the laptop, and started the notepad++. I was a bit annoyed because I could not use my desktop running linux and having all my real developing tools installed ( vi ). It is located in my older son's room, and I had just put him to sleep.

Well Well Well. I checked the bug tracker, and decided I would next do the 'user comments' section for CWF's game info pages. Eg a section where users can leave comments about games.

It hadbeen a few months since I last touched CWF's code, and I was a bit rusty. I sweated and sweared. Have I ever mentioned CWF's code is a horrible mess? The whole project started all wrong.

CWF begun when group of members of an abandonware site, which was abandoned by the admin, decided to find a new place to hang out. Unfortunately the starter did a baddish choise by installling phpbb plus board... And later I did an horrendous error by starting to write the actual site on top of the heavily modified phpbb2 forums engine.

Hey phpbb2 guys (as if you would ever read this :rolleyes: ) do not take it wrong. I do respect the work you've done. The phpbb2 forum works, and it is easy to use even for totally computer illiterate persons, but you must admitt it is not designed to be a framework for developing wholly new website...

Ok. I should not blame the phpbb2 only, there's far more critical things which lead the CWF code to be a mess. Main reason is, that CWF was my first real php project. And it still is. I have never read a single book about php, or had a single course about it. So I was (and in some sense I still am) a novise what comes to php or web publishing. As I have stated, I work with WCDMA/WIMAX base station project, and write C && C++.

However, after a few cups of coffee, I was back on the track and started writing a class for handling comments. or actually 2 classes, one to act as a struct in C (having comment data in a srtuct), and the other to handle storing and fetching the comments from database to the 'struct'. I then also decided to add dumping the data to template in the class too. Then I added a few lines to the actual game info page, (include for class, class creation and comments fetching and displaying using the created object). Finally I added a php script which handles data sent when sending new comments/editing comments.

So what is still lacking is the template files for editing comments, and displaying/sending new comments. But since I sincerely hate creating templates, it may take a few days-weeks to complete them... If only CWF could attarct some capable, freeware ebthusiast php coder who knows phpbb2... I would gladly split the work with someone...

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