Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New C project started...

I abandoned the foreverlasting MazPong project (for a while?). Reason you may ask. Because it grew into mess. Try writing project which gets bloated since you just write things you notice are handy, and forget to make small, compact TESTED things - and document them as you go on. Well, it may work if you can work continuously, so that you can remember the big picture throughout the project. That's not the case with MazPong. I started writing it at 2005 (or so), and it has been completely redesigned three times while going on... And I have never worked 5 days in a row, more like two days of work - two - six months break and so on... Yet I never started from scratch...

So it became a jungle of wery different pieces of code, some of which are dublicated (because I forgot I did something last year)...

So it is on hold. I do not say it is totally forgotten - it is foreverlasting project for god's sake!

Now.. I started another project, where I have a small motivator - a friend of mine might have use for it :D At this time it's not a game, it will be yet another IRC bot called MazBotV4 (working as an IRC client). I have always had obsession with IRC bots. First I wrote with mirc scripts, and it terrorized #oldgames channel related to old computer games. Then I wrote a bot using Eggdrop and TCL - with little success. TCL was not for me. V3 was written in C++, but I grew tired with it since I had no use for it. Now V4 will be pure plain C.

This bot is meant to give easy interface for doing some tasks based on text file configurations - while it also offers almost unlimited possibilities to someone familiar with C - I plan writing a nice callback interface, where people with limited skills can add their own functions to be executed when an event occurs on IRC channel. And finally, I plan to write an interface, where bot user's can specify network addresses where bot connects on certain events. Idea is that this way one can send/retrieve information from web servers using the bot.

- no. I am not going to write HTML parser in bot. period. It will be user's responcebility to write some scripts to web server - which can provide the data in simple format to bot. But of course, if someone wants to add html parser in the bot... ;) And other help will propably be appreciated (at least at some point - if I manage to keep this going. Oh yes, if anyone familiar with GNU Makefiles wants to improve the make scripts I have written [No autotools - I dislike them!!] and still keep them simple - welcome to take a peek and send suggestions!)

Oh, the title of this post should link to source repository.
And in case you want to see stable version, here:

Oh, another bug found from Cexplode- put up a "correction release" v0.1-1

And finally, I have planned to use my Cexplode function set in IRC parser - and I have added some mysterious functions into it... So there's enchanced (and at the moment quite untested) version available. I just changed the file name to helpers.h and helpers.c (in generic/src folder). Also test/usage example is present in test/src folder. (This info is provided since according to my tracker, ~60% of people visiting this blog are looking for explode function for C)

License terms are same as before - use/modify as pleases you - but let me know it by email or via a comment in this blog. But if you redistribute it, mention the original author (me) and this website (or the finnish equivalent: )

All in all, happy summer, remember your caps - don't fry your brains :)


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