Tuesday, May 14, 2013



  T.H.O.N.G.S - Textmode Helper On Network Getting Sniffed

Thongs is a tool for linux to sniff (and decode) and generate ethernet packets.
Thongs is built using ncurses, so it is a lightweight console program suitable also for devices with no graphical capabilities. It can be used to
    Capture & display and store traffic (thongs generates pcapng file containing captured packets)
    Filter packets being captured using raw filters or some protocol aware filters
    Generate ethernet frames, and store certain frames for later generation.

Thongs development has been moved from xp-dev to github.

There will also be thongs project pages hosted at github as well as thongs man pages. If you wish to contribute the project feel free to go to github and fork the project. I will however keep this post (for info and redirect purposes) here in my blog.

Obtain the development sources from git repository by typing
git clone https://github.com/M-a-z/thongs.git

or download stable tarball from https://github.com/M-a-z/thongs/releases/tag/v0.7

Go to folder 0.6 and type
sudo make install

Now command sudo thongs-sniffer -h should give you quick help, and man thongs display the man pages.

Please report all bugs either in this blog as comments, in github issue tracker (preferred) or via email at mazziesaccount@gmail.com


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